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Voting is an important part of Representatives' jobs.

Each Representative has a desk on the Floor of the House chamber. They use buttons on their desk to vote.

Voting PanelVotes are displayed for everyone to see on a large board at the front of the chamber. The large board shows the name of each Representative and how they voted. A loud bell rings throughout the House Chamber to alert Members of the House and the audience when it is time to vote.


Try ThisTry This:

What if a Representative isn't at his/her desk? Sometimes a vote is called while a Member is waiting to speak at the microphone or away from their desk. They can still vote using their fingers. Below shows how 1, 2, or 3 fingers can mean "yes", "no" or "not voting."
Voting Options

Voting on the FloorA Representative votes "No" on the House Floor by holding up two fingers.


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