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Debates are when people who don't agree still talk to each other to share their ideas.

Debates can bring out strong feelings and sometimes loud voices.

How Does It Work?

The House chamber is set up with two microphones. If Representatives want to speak, they ask the Speaker of the House for permission.

House ChamberThe Representative that wants to say something at the back microphone asks, “Mr. Speaker, will the gentleman/ gentle-lady yield?” The Representative who was speaking at the front microphone can answer yes or no.

Representatives have a 10-minute time limit when they come to the microphone.
Look at an example of Libby and Tex debating over soda in the schools.

Try ThisTry This: Use your mouse to click on Libby, when she's done, click on Tex, keep clicking back and forth as if the two were debating on the floor.

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