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There are many ways you can be part of Texas State government.

Get Involved

Kids in Action: During the 78th Legislative Session, elementary school students came to the State Capitol to testify before the State Cultural Affairs Committee. They testified in support of creating an official state snack of Texas.

Try ThisTry This: Listen and watch what they had to say. 

First Witness (1min 25sec) or All Student Witnesses (9min 19sec)

Can you think of other ways for kids to get involved? Ask an adult to help you fill out the form below.

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Kids' Suggestions:

Visit my State Representative in her district office.
~ Brigid, Grade 5, Taylor

To let 12 and over kids vote
~ Austin, Grade 1, Midland

Have a kid Represenative for each grade in each school to have meetings of what they think.
~ Carl, Grade 7, Evant

Let our Representative come to our school.
~ Alyssa, Grade 5, Petrolia

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