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State representatives must run or campaign to win votes for office. This means they try to get people to vote for them during an election. Texans vote for the person who will best represent them.

Does your school vote for class president? State elections are very similar to school elections. At school, students decide who they would like to speak for them at school meetings, just as adults decide who they want to speak for them at the Capitol. Just as in a school election, the individual who receives the most votes wins the election.

Before votes occur, people running for office share their ideas with the community. This is done through visits to schools and businesses and meeting with as many people as possible to discuss what's important to the Candidate. You may hear someone on the radio or on TV, running for office in the Texas Legislature.

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Try ThisTry This: Tex is running for office. Move your mouse over the red question marks (?) to see what Voters might ask on election night.

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