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The Legislature is the lawmaking branch of the government.

TX Population
With so many people living in Texas, it is important to have some rules that everyone must follow. These rules are called laws, and they are designed to help everyone live together.

The Legislature is the branch of government that votes on whether or not a bill brought up on the House floor should be included in the Texas Constitution as a new law. In addition, the legislature passes or decides on resolutions and begins the constitutional amendment process.

Constitutional amendments are changes to the Constitution. Amendments start out as resolutions that must be approved by two-thirds of the House and Senate Chambers. If it is approved by Legislatures, the proposed amendment goes on a ballot during the next general election. Texas voters have the final approval by voting for or against the proposed amendment.

The Texas Legislature is a bicameral system.
Bicameral means that there are two chambers that vote on bills and resolutions; the House and the Senate. Before a new law can be created it must pass through both chambers.

Forty-nine out of fifty US states follow the bicameral system. Nebraska is the only U.S. state that is a unicameral system, meaning they only have one chamber, a Senate.

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