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The Texas State Capitol* in Austin, is one of the largest State Capitols in the country.

Named a historic landmark in 1986, the Capitol has an interesting and unique history. The building, modeled after the nation’s Capitol in Washington DC, was built with local Texas materials and funded through a unique land deal, the XIT ranch.The building took almost 7 years to complete and cost nearly 3 million dollars. (Source: State Preservation Board)

Local Texas materials are used throughout the Capitol.

In 1879, the Texas Legislature sold 3 million acres in the Texas panhandle. A group of Chicago businessmen, the Capitol Syndicate, paid over 3 million dollars in exchange for the land
. The XIT Ranch, as the land came to be known, has a rich and interesting history. The land for money deal, makes Texas the only state that used land to pay for their Capitol.

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* Is it spelled Capitol or Capital? Answer: Both!
When referring to the building where the legislature meets, you spell it with an "o" Capitol. When you are referring to the city (e.g., Austin), you spell it with an "a", Capital.

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