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Every Texan has two Representatives, one State and one U.S. Representative. Your Texas State Representative works at the State Capitol in Austin. Your U.S. Representative works at the nation's Capital in Washington D.C.

What's the difference?
State Representatives work on issues that only affect the State of Texas. U.S. Representatives work on issues that affect the entire country. Your U.S. Representative gives your district a "voice" at the national level, while your State Representative gives you a voice at the state level in Austin.

Try ThisTry This
: Below are two bulletin boards. Use your mouse to drag the issues to the correct board. If it's an issue that your State Representative works on, drag it to the Texas bulletin board, otherwise it goes to the U.S. bulletin board.

Before you decide which bulletin board is the best choice think about whether the issue only affects Texas or whether it affects the whole country?

WorksheetWorksheet: State Representive Sleuthing (doc) (pdf)

Proposed bills from a recent Legislative session (Opens a new window)

Learn more about your U.S. House Representative.
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