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Texas was one of the first States to adopt electronic voting on the House floor.

Voting PanelWhen the Senators vote in the Senate Chamber, they call out their vote or they raise 1, 2, or 3 fingers to show their vote. Since Texas has such a large number of Representatives they also use an electronic voting system to keep track of everybody's vote.

Each Representative has a desk on the House Floor. Representatives use buttons on their desk to make their vote. Votes are displayed for everyone to see on a large board at the front of the chamber. The large board shows the name of each Representative and how they voted. A loud bell rings throughout the House Chamber, to alert members and the audience when it is time to vote.




Voting on the FloorWhat if a Representative isn't at his/her desk? Sometimes a vote is called while a Member is waiting to speak at the microphone, or they are away from their desk, but on the House floor. If that happens, they can still vote using their fingers. Below shows how the Representatives can raise 1, 2, or 3 fingers to indicate their preference.

A Representative votes "No" on the House Floor by holding up two fingers.

Representatives voting options (using their fingers) are as follows:

Voting Options

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