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Welcome to the Kids' House. The Texas House of Representatives invites you to learn about State Government. There are activities to help you learn about the People, Process and Places at the State Capitol in Austin. We've invited a few friends to come along.

What's Inside
This site is broken up into three main sections. The People section includes information about Representatives, the Speaker of the House and how the Community can get involved. The Process section provides an overview of the three branches of State Government, what goes on in the Chambers and how a bill becomes a law. The Places section highlights Austin, the Capitol Building and a video tour of the Capitol.

How to Use
Use the links on the left to go from one page to the next. A good idea is to start at the top and work your way down. The navigation menu on the left can be expanded (increased in size) or collapsed (decreased in size) by clicking on the words People, Process or Places. We have a Teacher's Corral for parents and teachers.


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